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Tony Malaby . Tenor Saxophon // Jacob Sack . Piano, Organ // Brandon Seabrock . Gitarre // Eivind Opsvik . Kontrabass
Kenny Wollesen . Drums, Percussion


Einer der Höhepunkte des Moersfestes 2015, eine Gruppe in ständiger Verwandlung. Die bislang vorgestellten Alben waren alle einem jeweils anderen Konzept verpflichtet. Die Soundtrips dieses Kollektivs begannen bei Ambient und Minimal, liessen sich später vom Europa des 18. Jhdts. inspirieren. Nun hören wir mit wuchtigen Beats, geradlinigen Kompositionen eine durchaus tanzbare Musik, beeinflusst von New Wave… und Norwegischen Fähren!? Es bleibt also alles anders. Als einzige Konstante bleibt diese unglaubliche Band. Grund genug, sie auf ihren Soundtrips zu begleiten, wenn die Fähre im Bunker Ulmenwall anlegt.

Eivind Opsvik Overseas European Record Release Tour – March 2017

Eivind Opsvik will tour Europe again in celebration of the long awaited return of Overseas on record; Overseas V will be out in early 2017; A mysteriously danceable album inspired by Norwegian Ferries and New Wave. 

 Eivind Opsvik and his band, Tony Malaby, Kenny Wollesen, Brandon Seabrook and Jacob Sacks, will release the fifth installment of the Overseas series in early 2017. In the over fourteen years the band has existed they have developed an amazing connection and an elastic approach to time, pitch, and harmony, it’s like one big breathing organism. They’ve managed to stay fresh and reshape their sound and approach and for every new record they enter a new stage in their evolution. Overseas III was a very ambient and almost minimalist experience, Overseas IV featured the harpsichord and inspiration came from eighteenth century European history. Overseas V focuses on great sounding beats, direct and to the point compositions, … and Ferries …

„Mr. Opsvik is a Norwegian bassist with a deep connection to songlike melody, as he demonstrates with his flagship band.“
The New York Times

„They appealed strongly to the younger crowd and this should not be underestimated for the future of our music.“
Jazz Journal (UK)
„The Norwegian bassist Eivind Opsvik and his Overseas gave the concert that made the biggest impression“
Orkester Journalen (SE)
„Eivind Opsvik’s new opus belongs to a unique musical universe. But Opsvik’s project is no novelty act.“
„The depth and almost feverish strangeness of the new Overseas IV still comes as a pleasant shock. Part harpsichord-accented chamber jazz and part snarly postprog rock, it’s some of the freshest work we’ve heard this year.“
Time Out New York

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Einlass 19:30 Uhr /  Beginn 20:30 Uhr
VVK 20,– € (zzgl. Geb.) / AK 25,– € / erm. 20,– € / U20 Frei!