Ziv Taubenfeld’s FULL SUN

Bild: Ton Mijs

Full Sun is an international project involving some of the most adventurous musicians in the European jazz and improvised music scene. In this tour they will present pieces dedicated to influential jazz artists such as Don Cherry, Sonny Simmons and Jimmy Lyons. While their methods are informed by the tradition the sound of the band is nothing else but Full Sun and it’s unique members. 

„We immediately hear what is so characteristic of Taubenfeld’s music: that combination of melodic lyricism and unadulterated rawness. For him, one never goes without the other.“

Ben Taffijn

Ziv Taubenfeld . bass clarinet, percussion (IL) // Luis Vicente . trumpet  (PT) // Nico Chientaroli . piano (ARG) // Onno Govaert . drums, percussion (NL)

Einlass: 19.30h // Begin: 20.30h
VVK: 17,– € (zzgl. Geb.) // AK: 20,– € // AK erm.: 17,– € // Mgl: 10,– € // U20 Eintritt frei